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DRAGON® Speech Recognition Software

Dragon Medical Edition gives Physicians the flexibility to create better documentation in less time and for less cost over traditional dictation services. 

Speech recognition software greatly enhances your EHR system.  One of the chief complaints from all EHR users is the lost productivity due to slower record entry. Dragon can greatly cut down the time it takes to navigate and enter data. Call us today for a live demonstration and see for yourself. 

Dragon Medical Practice Edition gives you the ability to dictate directly into your electronic medical record.  This allows doctors and clinicians to freely document care in EHR sections such as:

  • History of Present Illness
  • Review of Systems
  • Physicals Examination
  • Assessment and Plan

The Old Way

  1. Patient visit
  2. Doctor records notes into voice recorder or by phone
  3. Dictation recording sent to MT
  4. Dictation is  transcribed
  5. Transcript sent back to physician’s office
  6. Physician’s staff prints document and files into patient file

The New Way

  1. Patient visit
  2. Doctor records notes directly into EHR
    or into a dictation recording device.
  3. Patient file is updated in real-time once recording is done

Try this quick typing test, it will give you an idea of how much faster you can speak than type

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